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Small Batches, Big Flavours

Brewed the Hard Way. The perfect blend of malt and hops for Scottish Water.

What's in MòR

It is all about the local water, Scottish malt, British hops, and a carefully chosen yeast.

Scottish Malt

Angus is renowned for its fertile soils and soft fruits, what's more it’s also home to Bairds, one of the World's best maltsters. We love local ingredients, and it doesn't get better than this.

British Hops

From traditional Fuggles and First Gold with their floral bouquets to the experimental and citrusy Pilot and Cascade, our beers are all brewed with flower hop cones.

Purposeful Yeast

Put simply, yeast turns sugar into alcohol. In classic ale styles, it also contributes a lot to flavour too, and is especially important in cask real ale.

These instantly recognisable faces aren't going anywhere.
We'll always be the Ale with an Accent. We've just honed the styles, so you know what you're drinking, and we know what we're brewing.