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Tell us MòR

Mòr is Scottish Gaelic for great, so naturally our beers are great too. It can also mean big, just like our ambition and the flavour we craft into each beer.

Mor beers in display

Setting Sail

What started as a hobby, by a retired RNLI coxswain, brewing small batches of beer for encouraging drinkers back in 2011, quickly became a fulltime job and a business was born. Still brewed in the same Kellas location, just outside Dundee, albeit with a slightly younger crew at the helm.

Reaching for the Stars

All the beer is brewed in small batches by hand on our 5 barrel micro-brewery with four fermenting vessels. In trade terms this means we can brew 20 firkin casks at a time, for the drinker this means we produce 1443 pints every time, and for the brewer it means lots of late nights.

Plotting our Future

With a new team firmly on dry ground, MòR is going through a relaunch in 2019, setting our sights on the future. We’re going Vegan-Friendly, which means fuller, fresher tasting flavours; we’re sourcing our base pale ale malts locally from Bairds in Arbroath, and reducing the airmiles on our ingredients by choosing British hops. Plus, there's MòR to come!

Mor Logo

We’ve brewed a lot of beers. Some will never come back, others might resurface as seasonals, and we have plans for a few specials too!

For now we’re just focusing on the beer design with a core range of our most popular beers to date. Who knows maybe there’ll be a brand refresh too? For our relaunch we’ve kept the memorable puns and the %abv, we’ve just honed in the recipes to reflect the beer’s style using a careful selection of Scottish malt, British hops and local soft water.

Want to Chat?

The great thing about brewing small batches, and having local customers is we can listen to your comments and feed them back into our beer. So, don’t be shy, give us a call, drop us a message, or just drink our beer and maybe we’ll pick your thoughts from the hopvine.